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With a mother whose been engaged 7 times, I know a bit about weddings. From the excitement of dressing your Barbie (or GI Joe) into his/her wedding gear and walking them down that imaginary isle. To the excitement of the one kneed proposal, to the flash dance proposal to the imminent wedding. Once the proposals over though, it's a matter of rushing to the wedding with as much planning, thought and as little damage to the wallet, as possible.

It's a typical 365 days between 'Will you' and 'I do' and with caterers, florists, planners, accommodation, drivers, honeymoon, venues, cakes, favours, dresses, tuxes and oh so much more to organise, that 365 can fly by mighty quick. So can the average $36,200 the average Australia spends on their wedding*. With the average Australian earning just under $60,000 a year* that's a fair chunk of the new couples annual wage spent on the celebration of one day, usually resulting in the newly wed couple having some newly made dept. 

This site is dedicated to the reduction of the overall cost of weddings in Australia. Whether you plan the white wedding in the Hyatt Hotel or the backyard extravaganza in your families own backyard, planning, preparation and a little research can make sure that your wedding budget doesn't get your wedding day down.

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with the time ahead, let it not be too stressful or too expensive and may your joining be in as little dept as possible.

Amy Eastwood

From Aline Planning


* http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/6310.0